Dummy 12g cartridges

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Dummy 12g cartridges

Postby Dave Smith » Sat Feb 03, 2018 3:17 pm

If any one is looking for some 12 gauge dummy cartridges , I have them for sale , they are £25 per box of 25 delivered by Hermes courier ( delivery within the UK is included in that price ) . These are made using all new components - hulls , wads , weighted with 28 grams of lead shot and finished with a thick card disc and roll crimp

The commercially available dummy/practice cartridges are in excess of £49 and despite stating they are constructed to SAAMI specifications - all it means is they are put together using plastic hulls and lead shot with a star crimp and they fit in a 12g chamber , I don't use the star crimp as they tend to come open after a few sessions of loading practice , resulting in a gun full of lead shot in the wrong places .

Mine do not have any kind of rubber or silicone buffer in the primer pocket as again it can come out and cause problems , they're not snap caps , they are practice rounds for reloading practice . If you want to pop some silicone or hot glue in the primer hole - that choice is left to you .

If you fancy some of these just drop me an email for payment details at -


Cheers .
Dave Smith
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Re: Dummy 12g cartridges

Postby Phil Loud » Thu Feb 08, 2018 6:26 pm

Hiya Dave

I`m interested,can you post a piccie of one, are they hi-lo brass are they stamped `DUMMY`


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Phil Loud
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Re: Dummy 12g cartridges

Postby Dave Smith » Sun Feb 11, 2018 6:56 pm

Hi Phil ,

They aren't stamped Dummy , I did do some like that but frankly it wipes off after a while so best bet is a Permanent Marker Pen , They are low "brass" 8mm to be precise and are Dark blue Cheddite hulls , I can't seem to upload any pics on here , if you pm me with your email address I'll bang some pics off to you . Just for info , I have provided hundreds if not thousands of these to other shooters in the PSG arena and not had any complaints re the "brass"
Dave Smith
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