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Postby Jon Axe » Sun Feb 18, 2018 10:52 am

Steve -

I understand what you're saying. I don't agree.
All that is equal is the points awarded per stage.

If a 5 round stage (yes, I'm deliberately using an extreme example) were allocated the same points as a 35 round stage, the wise shooter would go balls out for a short COF & would slow down & take fewer risks on a long COF.
As a result, a scoring system that allocates the same amount of points to a short COF as a long COF benefits the fast shooter over a more well rounded shooter or one that is fleet of foot.

Time plus is interesting. It certainly removes a lot of issues. Then again, it brings up others.
Personally, I'm a fan of the Horner system (Time plus with a bias towards accuracy & some pretty outstanding penalties for misses) but while it's suitable for 3 gun, it's pretty pointless for shotgun.

Regardless of the scoring system, the scoring system will make very little difference to the result.

The question is, what is the goal of the scoring system? If we're not rewarding performance, why time/score at all?
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