Bora 99 Review #1

April 11th, 2016

By Mark Sandford

First published by Mark in October 2014 and not written with a PSG readership in mind, so apologies to experienced PSG-ers

I finally got my FAC back (for less than a week before having to give it back again but that’s another story), with the variation on to buy a Barak Bora 99. The gun was only £495 (+£10 P&P) which for a new semi-auto is pretty damn good, let alone a box magazine semi! I have previously eyed up Saiga/Vepr’s but they’ve just been too expensive (£1200 and… Read More

Time Plus Scoring

January 31st, 2016

In previous articles in this series we explained how most practical or action matches have been scored using some form of the IPSC scoring system and within that, the Comstock* method predominates. We also saw that the simple hit or miss recording of plates, poppers and clays becomes more complex when we add paper targets (for mini-rifle, LBF* and slug or buckshot for shotgun) as the range and stats crew now have to score the number of A,C,D hits and/or misses per target.

… Read More
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