About Us

We are a group of passionate practical shotgun and mini-rifle shooters who know that there of lots of you out there who shoot practical or action shooting of one form or another. And our vision is to reach out to all of you whether you are new to the sport, a seasoned shooter, or indeed a top gun.

We welcome especially our friends in Ireland, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands – hence our name. Four Islands encompasses our wish to create a truly inclusive family of practical shooters.

Our ethos is fun but safe matches empowering our partner clubs and ranges to run their matches as they see fit, within an overall framework agreed by us all.

Together with participating clubs we promote an exciting set of fun matches at ranges and clubs in Britain running throughout the year. With our sponsors who are providing support and product marketing material we want to make each match a memorable day out and a series of great shooting events.

Our plan is to grow substantially, with more venues, more matches and above all else more FUN. Come with us on that journey.

Four4islands is an NRA affiliated organisation

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