About Us

We are the leading UK website and forum for sporting Practical Shotgun and Mini-Rifle shooters.

With over 800 registered forum members registering 4,000 page requests per day we are the home of PSG on the web in the British Isles and beyond. We welcome you all whether you are new to the sport, a seasoned shooter, or indeed a top gun.

Formed in 2011 our ethos was to run fun but safe matches in conjunction with our partner clubs and ranges breaking the tired and restrictive approach that had and still does, hold the sport back for so long.

We promoted an exciting set of fun matches at ranges and clubs in Britain running throughout the year. With commercial sponsorship providing support and product marketing material we broke the tired mould that was typical of competition matches at the time, making each event a memorable day out and a series of great shooting events.

Our presence on the web has vastly increased awareness of the sport. Growth has been astonishing, with more competitors, more venues, more matches and above all else more FUN as the graph below clearly shows.

These are independently-compiled figures taken from published results. The graph covers championship shotgun matches only but for all firearms (e.g. shotgun, mini-rifle, LBP/F and full-bore) the figures are even more compelling. The totals shown for both organisations are the actual number of competitors who shot the match totaled for the championship series.

Four4islands was the proof-of-concept that finally convinced the NRA to allow movement with a loaded firearm and Practical Shotgun matches began to run at Bisley in 2014. The former championship match circuit run by us became the current, very successful NRA Shotgun League.

Four4islands is an NRA affiliated organisation

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