This website – in company with many, many others – has made wide use of the online photo storage service Photobucket for holding and displaying photo and graphic content in web pages and forum posts.

As at the end of June, they have removed what they call 3rd party hosting from their free service where a site like this links to a stored album.

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In its place they want an eye-watering $400 from individuals to continue this service. This is not affordable currently and so until we find a free or much cheaper alternative we regret that some previous picture content will not show in past articles or forum posts.

“Plus” account holders (and that includes us at $100 per year) will continue until December 2018. Content that we have archived will still be visible but 3rd party content (e.g. the Bora 99 reviews) will sadly not.

More information to follow as soon as we have it.

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