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The Home Office guidance to the Police has been revised recently, specifically covering the area of “good reason” to possess certain types of firearm. Good reason to possess a Section 1 shotgun now includes being a member of the NRA or an NRA-affiliated club. Four4islands Club is NRA-affiliated and therefore membership provides you with good reason to posses a Section 1 shotgun for target or practical styles of shooting.

This is excellent news and our thanks go to James Harris and his colleagues at the NRA for all their hard work in making this happen.

It also breaks the UKPSA’s comfortable monopoly of being the sole organisation mandated by many police forces and often including attending and passing the Basic Safety Course too.

This monopoly has resulted in a membership base of some 500 shooters that rakes in a handsome £20k per year against a core of about 80 competitive shotgun shooters and a handful of international handgun shooters. Average match attendance this year, 2013 is a mere 19 members (Level 2 and above, all disciplines).

Nice money if you can get it indeed! And if it was used to promote the sport we would not object so much but it isn’t at all, just squirreled away to be used to – ahem – “offer incentives” to the governing body (IPSC).

So do make sure that on variation or renewal, you get the UKPSA-only clauses removed or even put in for a variation to have them removed now. And if you only keep up your UKPSA membership to provide good reason, then join F4i Club instead for you not only get good reason, but insurance and other benefits at a fraction of the price.

And remember: ALL monies that F4i receive, excluding charity events, go back into the sport in promoting better, fun matches and events.

You can download the document from the forum here . And if you do meet any resistance from your FEO then point him to that document and the paragraphs identified.

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