Bora 99 Review #2

Thursday, May 5th, 2016

By Mark Sandford

First published in 2014

Now that I’ve had my BR99 a few months and have shot a fair few comps with it I thought I’d do an update. The basic gun is solid and will run with a similar degree of consistency as any other box-fed semi-auto I’ve seen used. Before modification I would expect some kind of minor malfunction at a rate of say 1:400 (however failure to feed can be more frequent, which to be fair to the gun is 9 times out of 10 a magazine issue and usually easily remedied by giving the charging handle a whack). The only ammunition mine has struggled with is Lylevale Express 3” SG buckshot.… Read More

Bora 99 Review #1

Monday, April 11th, 2016

By Mark Sandford

First published by Mark in October 2014 and not written with a PSG readership in mind, so apologies to experienced PSG-ers

I finally got my FAC back (for less than a week before having to give it back again but that’s another story), with the variation on to buy a Barak Bora 99. The gun was only £495 (+£10 P&P) which for a new semi-auto is pretty damn good, let alone a box magazine semi! I have previously eyed up Saiga/Vepr’s but they’ve just been too expensive (£1200 and then £££’s worth of fettling/accessories required to make them competition guns IF you can get one, plus I’m not… Read More
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